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Reading Adventures: A Literary Quest in the Library

Literary Genres 

***Students, you will be exploring Literary Genres. Your first task is to click the link that says, Wordsmyth Word Explorer. You will go and 

1) Type in the word literary/Record the part of speech, definition, and related words.

2) Type in the word genre/ Record the part of speech, definition, and related words.

3) Now go do the same for the Merriam Webster Dictionary for Kids link

Which dictionary did you prefer? Why?


The objective of this libguide assignment is to introduce students in grades 3-5 to various literary genres and help them discover books that align with their interests. Students will explore the different genres, complete interactive activities, and ultimately choose a book to read from a genre of their choice. 

This libguide assignment aims to make literary exploration interactive and engaging, allowing students to discover the wide variety of genres available in literature.

RES students, now that you know the definition of literary genre, you will set out on a quest to learn more about each one. Below you will find links for each genre. It is your job to explore more information about each one. Have fun!

Biography/Autobiography Genre

Biography and Autobiography 

A biography is a nonfiction book that tells the story of a real person's life. The author wants to inform you.  If the author is the person, the book is called an autobiography.
It gives facts about the person's life.The setting is when the person was living.
The author has done research to find facts about the person's life.

This website offers interactive biographies for kids, providing information about historical figures in an engaging and age-appropriate format. It includes quizzes, fun facts, and activities.


BBC Bitesize provides interactive content on famous people, including biographies, quizzes, and games. It covers a diverse range of historical figures suitable for young learners.


Here are some books you might like to read from this genre:

Nonfiction Genre

Wonderopolis encourages curiosity with daily "wonders" that explore a variety of nonfiction topics. Each wonder includes an informative article, video, and related activities to engage young learners.



  • Non-fiction books are written to share facts about a topic.
  • The author writes to inform you, but could also want to entertain you.
  • Non-fiction can be:
    • Narrative - told like a story
    • Expository - giving facts about a topic
    • Procedural - a HOW TO book to teach the steps to do something
  • Non-fiction books have text features:
    • Table of Contents
    • Headings
    • Captions
    • Diagrams and labels
    • Maps, tables, illustrations, photos
    • Bold Words and Glossary
    • Index

TIME for Kids provides age-appropriate news articles, features, and multimedia resources, offering nonfiction content for young readers. It covers current events, science, and more.

Here are some books you might like to read from this genre:

Historical Fiction Genre


  • A fiction story that takes place in a real time in history (in the past).
  • The author wants to entertain you and inform you about the past.
  • Most of the characters are fictional (imaginary), but some of the characters might be real people from history.
  • The setting is a real time in history.
  • Some events in the story are based on real times in history, but some of the events are fictional.

Here are some books you might like to read from this genre:

Mission US is an interactive adventure game series designed to improve understanding of American history. Each mission places students in different historical periods, allowing them to experience events and make decisions.

iCivics focuses on civics education through engaging games and activities. It introduces students to historical events and concepts in a game-based format, fostering a deeper understanding of history.

Folk Tales and Fables

​​​​​​Folk Tales

  • Folk Tales are stories that are old and from long ago.  
  • The author writes to entertain you.
  • These stories were once told or spoken aloud by people.  Over the years, people have told and retold these stories.
  • The characters can have magical powers.
  • The characters have a problem to solve.
  • These stories usually try to teach you a lesson about good and evil or how to be a good person.

Storyberries offers a wide range of children's stories, including folk tales and fables. The stories are available in both written and audio formats, making it suitable for different learning preferences.


Storynory offers a collection of audio stories, including folk tales and fairy tales. The stories are narrated with engaging voices, making it a great resource for listening to classic tales.

Here are some books you might like to read from this genre:

Science Fiction Genre


is a fictionalized story where the setting and plot are centered around technology, time travel, outer space, or scientific principles, with or without the presence of aliens. Story elements are not found in the known universe and explained by scientific means. 

The website includes interactive games and videos related to science and technology.

NASA Climate Kids offers interactive games and activities related to climate science. Students can explore futuristic scenarios and learn about the impact of climate change.


 ***Kids can explore these interactive resources to foster their interest in science fiction and related STEM topics. 


Here are some books you might like to read from this genre:

Mystery Genre


  • The story has a secret or puzzle to solve using clues.
  • The characters might be detective or even spies.
  • The author writes to entertain you.
  • There will be clues along the way to help you solve the mystery with the characters.

National Geographic Kids has a section called "Mission: Animal Rescue" where kids can solve mysteries related to animals. It combines educational content with a mystery-solving element.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction involves stories that could happen in the real world, with characters facing plausible situations. 

Online Encyclopedia

Online Encyclopedias

Use these sources for facts and nonfiction information for grades K--5.


Genre Challenge 

You've learned all about the different genres in our library. I am now challenging you to read books from a variety of genres and participate in my 40 book challenge. Happy Reading!