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School Internet Safety
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What is Cyber Safety?

Cyber safety is the overall measures taken to try to protect others from potential dangers

that could arise online .Some of the dangers could include cyber bullying, malware attacks,

fraud, and even inappropriate contact or content from outsiders. It is important to be

knowledgeable about the potential threats, and know the steps to take to protect yourself, your

family, coworkers and students. 

Cyber Safety Resources

The topic of cyber safety has become increasingly significant over the last few years. From the

potential dangers of online fraud to cyber bullying, it is important to be familiar with the

characteristic to look for when using the internet. It is especially important to be aware of online 

threats when working with your children or students, and work to provide a safe online learning


Tips and Tricks for Internet Safety

This resources gives a variety of great tips and information on how children can safely use the internet. Some of the major tips are: do not give out personal information online, do not upload your personal photos, do not purchase anything that is not verified online,  and do not open any suspicious email or unrecognized links. Also, if you are ever unsure of something online, be sure to talk with a parent, educator, or school librarian so they can help you research safely. 


What is Digital Citizenship?

This resource focuses on the importance of reinforcing good digital citizenship to all students,

and helping them understand their responsibility to make good choices when it comes to using

the internet. It also talks about the Children's Internet Protection Act and how it is the goal of

Congress to promote positive learning free from potential harmful risks. This source also offers

several free resources for schools and institutions to promote safe internet use for students.

Additional Resources For Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

This article talks about how to be a good digital citizen, and the reasons it is so important. Some

of the ways to do this is by being mindful of your actions while online (things you say and how

you interact), speak out in positive ways to promote collaboration and learning opportunities, and

report cyberbullying or hate to an adult or educator. Practicing these tips can help be a productive

digital citizen. 


Cyber Safety Resources for School Systems

With the ever growing need and desire for technology and internet use, the threat of cyber

bullying and the access to inappropriate content grows as well. The Federal Law works to protect

our youth with the Children’s Internet Protection Act(CIPA). This law was put into place to help

protect young people from the potential dangers lurking online. They offer discounts for the

program  for schools and facilities that  work with students who could benefit from this service.

Digital Privacy

This resource is a LibGuide about digital privacy, safety, and technology guidelines. It

offers several great resources for students, parents, and educators. There are a variety of

presentations associated with online safety that could even be used as a lesson in a classroom.

The source also includes information for best practices to use online, privacy checklist, and the

law in place to protect young children from being exposed to inappropriate material online.