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Bibliometrics & Online Scholarly Presence

Defines various metrics and offers examples of digital platforms for scholarship

What are Bibliometrics and Why Should I Care?

If you're an active scholar, you've likely heard of h-index or Journal Impact Factor or Almetrics. Various metrics can be applied to scholarship at the article, journal, and scholar-level. This guide will explain several of these metrics and provide links to resources to better understand how and when these metrics are applied. Additionally, there are several online platforms for organizing and sharing your publications. Online platforms can improve the impact of one's scholarship by increasing visibility and showing relationships to other published works.

What's In a Name?

Unless you've the benefit of a very distinctive name, you'll need to ensure that your identity is distinct from other researchers with your name.  There are various naming conventions in place within various platforms, but two of the most important for scholars are:

  • ORCID - Alphanumeric code to uniquely identify scholars on digital platforms.  Publishers (Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and Thomson Reuters) use ORCID, as do Citation management platforms (Mendeley), and institutional repositories (Catltech and Cornell)
  • Library of Congress Name Authority Records - The original mechanism for name authority control is the Library of Congress Authority Database.  The form of your name in the national database will be used for all monographic publications.