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ENGL1010: Instructor Resource Guide

A resource guide for instructors of ENGL1010.

Center for Writing and Communication

Free writing assistance is available at the Center for Writing and Communication.  Tell your students they can stop by to get feedback on any writing assignment for any class.  They need to bring a research paper, essay, or essay exam *and* the original assignment sheet. Schedule an appointment on their website for a full meeting or just come on by for a shorter one.  The CWC is housed in the Research and Information Services department on the first floor of McWherter Library.   

Sources for Teaching Citations

The MLA guide. Tell your students there is a copy at the RIS desk in the library for when things get confusing. 

Avoiding Plagiarism

Demonstrate Ways to Study Writing

Statistics for All

Journal of Student Research

The Journal of Student Research, linked in the button above, is an open source, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes undergraduate and graduate students in a wide array of disciplines. Writers use a range of research methods, including but far from limited to, interviews, surveys, field studies, statistical analysis, and literature analysis. This is an excellent source for showing students methodology and introducing them to the idea of scholarly community. Also, it helps to remember that each of these published writers completed their research and wrote their paper while in college. Encourage your students to think of themselves as potentially publishing papers in journals like this!

Ted Talks

What We Learned From 5 Million Books

Doodlers, Unite!

Txting is killing language! JK!!