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ENGL1010: Instructor Resource Guide

A resource guide for instructors of ENGL1010.

Student Organizations on Campus

  • Tiger Zone Directory of Student Organizations - A list of all student organizations at the University of Memphis. You could search by organization name or category. Click on the name of the organization for more information about its mission and membership requirements. Includes scholarly, cultural, professional, political, and religious organizations.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Affairs - Aim to engage students in academic life and local community through Greek membership.
  • Student Activities Council - Plan free events and activities for University of Memphis students and faculty.

Memphis Discourse Communities

  • Volunteer Memphis - Offers a resource list of nonprofit partner organizations including academic, medical, cultural, and special interest organizations.
  • Memphis Neighborhoods - The Chamber of Commerce breaks down Memphis neighborhoods by zip code, average home price, and attractive features. Could be an interesting way to illustrate how big and small discourse communities can be, how close to home they are, and how they overlap.
  • Choose901 - Show your students that discourse communities not only overlap in their own neighborhoods, but activate the city they live in. Examples might be Memphis artists, youth activists, Grizzlies fans, and more.

Tools for Teaching Code Switching

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