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the sandbox.

Information about workshops, technology, and resources offered in McWherter Library's the sandbox.

Get Started

In order to use some of the sandbox.'s equipment and spaces. you'll need to complete an orientation or workshop (relatively painless, we promise). Figure out what you want to use, then see what you need to do to get approved. Check out the calendar below for in-person sessions.

Creatorspace Technology

Jump in and start using the Cricut, piano keyboard, sewing machine, and other technology besides the 3D Printers. Make sure you check out the Free Tools + Resources page to help you get started.


3D Printers

Get approved to use 3D Printers. Sign up for an in-person workshop.


Production Studios

Get approved to use the 2nd floor Video Studio, 3rd floor Audio Studio, and/or 4th floor Presentation Practice Studio. Sign up for an in-person orientation for the Presentation Practice Studio. The Audio and Video Studios are still being set up.