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RefWorks, legacy version: A bibliographic management system

A guide to using RefWorks

What is RefWorks?

In a world of e-research, there are more data sources available than ever, which means researchers need highly efficient ways to manage vast amounts of information easily. RefWorks is a powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels easily gather, organize, store and share all types of information and to instantly generate citations and bibliographies.

Please note, that this LibGuide provides instruction on how to use the original version of RefWorks, now called the legacy version.

News from RefWorks

RefWorks has a released a new and updated version

The New RefWorks is Proquest's next generation of reference management software that allows researchers to do more. 
Already have RefWorks?  You can keep the original, called the legacy version,
or create an account in the new version and easily import your reference from your legacy account. 

Visit the RerfWorks, New Version Research Guide to learn how to create an account, import references, and more! 

Use the New RefWorks to:

  • easily import citations and full text articles from databases and now the web with the Save to RefWorks book marklet. 
  • collaborate with others by sharing your collections and articles
  • read, highlight, and annotate documents
  • generate bibliographies automatically using APA, MLA and other common citation styles
  • use the Google Docs add-on or the Write-n-Cite add-on for Microsoft Word to write and format your papers
  • link with your RefWorks account with dropbox account for off line access to your documents


Video: RefWorks at Arizona State