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A Continued Search for Meaning: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream

MLK50 Film Series

At the River I Stand: Documentary

At the river I stand 
(A film by David Appleby, Allison Graham, and Steven John Ross; a production of Memphis State University, Department of Theatre and Communication Arts.)

Memphis, Spring 1968 marked the dramatic climax of the Civil Rights movement. At the River I Stand skillfully reconstructs the two eventful months that transformed a strike by Memphis sanitation worker into a national conflagration, and disentangles the complex historical forces that came together with the inevitability of tragedy at the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 DVD copies ordered for McWherter Library - 2nd Floor;VHS currently available on 2nd floor (McWherter Library):  HD5325.S2572 1968 M46 1993

Documentary "I Am a Man: From Memphis: a Lesson in Life"

National Guard bayonets block Memphis' famed Beale Street March 29, 1968 as marchers supporting striking sanitation workers pass through downtown. A march led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the day before erupted in violence. UPI/Commercial Appeal
University of Memphis Libraries Preservation and Special Collections Department. 

I Am a Man: From Memphis: A Lesson in Life is a documentary featuring Mr. Elmore Nickleberry, who was one of the original Sanitation workers who went on strike in 1968 to protest the unfair, racist practices of the Memphis Sanitation Department. At the time of the filming and its debut (2009), Mr. Nickleberry, at 77, was still working for the Memphis Sanitation Department, proud to have remained an active employee who helped keep the city clean.

*Complementary print and eBookI am a Man! Race, Manhood, and the Civil Rights Movement, also available--includes special chapter on the Memphis Sanitation Strike.