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A Continued Search for Meaning: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream

Upcoming Events - Cosponsored by The Hooks Institute

For complete event information, please view descriptions here:

January 23 - Open Mic / Protest Sign Library* Night 4pm

January 24 – Civil Rights Law: Then and Now 5pm

January 31 - Film Festival: ACORN and the Firestorm - Q&A with filmmaker 4pm

February 7 - Film Festival: The Assassination Tapes - introduced by Dr. Aram Goudsouzian, Dept. of History 4pm

February 12 - Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm

February 13 - Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm

February 14 - Film Festival: Within Our Gates - introduced by Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, Dept. of Art 4pm

February 21 – NEDtalks Social Justice 3-4pm; 

February 21 - Film Festival: Symbol of the Unconquered - introduced by Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, Dept. of Art 4pm

February 22 – NEDtalks Social Justice 3-5pm

February 28 - Film Festival: Body and Soul - introduced by Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, Dept. of Art 4pm          

March 7 - Film Festival: Working in Protest - followed by Q&A with filmmaker Michael Galinsky, 4pm

March 12 - Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm

March 13 - Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm

March 14 - Film Festival: The Road to the Promised Land: 40 years after the death of Dr. King - introduced by filmmaker George Tillman, 4pm

March 21 - Film Festival: I Am a Man: From Memphis, a Lesson in Life - introduced by Dr. Beverly Bond 4pm

April 2 - Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm

April 3 – Protest Sign Library creation station 12-2pm; Student Essay Contest Reception and Reading 4pm

* Join us and hear the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, share a story related to his legacy. Create an poster inspired by the I AM A MAN signs carried by sanitation workers during their historic strike.


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