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University Libraries' Instructional Services

Learn more about the Instructional Services department: our services, policies, and long-term goals and plans.

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Before you schedule:

  • Instructional sessions are most effective when tied to a specific assignment. These assignments allow the students to apply the concepts learned and make the instructional session more worthwhile for the students. Librarians can collaborate with instructors to develop assignments that meet information literacy objectives.
  • Make students aware of the assignment ahead of time. Students are more likely to come prepared for a library instructional session if they understand the objective of the session and how it is tied to their coursework.
  • Faculty attendance at course-integrated instruction is essential. Not only does it create better collaboration between library and teaching faculty, it demonstrates that mutual participation in the session is important to the instructor.
  • Library instruction should be arranged as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Due to staffing constraints, we require a two week notice for instruction.
  • Plan your library instructional session as close to the time of need as possible. The session will be more meaningful for students if they can immediately begin to apply what they learn. General introductions to library resources/research do not have a lasting impact for students. The most successful instructional sessions are followed by activities that reinforce information literacy skills.

Request Library Instruction

If you have not heard from the library within two regular working days, please contact Barbara Thomas at or call the Research and Information Services Desk at (901) 678-2208.



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