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Computer Science

This is a subject guide for patrons in the computer science.


This guide provides an introduction to the essential and useful resources in the field of computer science. You will find suggestions to locate books and journal articles. The guide also includes a list of print and online resources with descriptions about the type of information each contains. Please Ask-A-Librarian  or contact me for further assistance.

Interesting Article

Cooney, M. (2011). 25 TECH TOUCHSTONES. Network World, 28(9), 18-26.
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2011 IBM turns 100 this year.                                                        
2010 Apple became the world's largest technology company as measured by the total value of its shares.
2009 Nortel filed for protection from creditors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
2007 Apple announces iPhone.
2005 The notion that all Internet traffic should be treated equally is at the heart of what is known as net neutrality.
2004 Social networking as we know it today has its roots in a long online tradition of using online communities to impart or search for information.
2002 WorldCom, which at one time was the second biggest phone company in the U.S., filed for bankruptcy on June 21, 2002.
2000 The ILoveYou worm scooted from Hong Kong around the globe in no time, infecting an estimated 10% of all connected computers.
1998 The United States v. Microsoft. On May 18, 1998 the U.S Department of Justice began the trial of industry icon Microsoft in an antitrust case that would not be resolved until 2001.
1998  General Magic was way ahead of its time, but its bloodline leads directly to today's smartphones.
1996 Google began as many fledgling companies do, as an idea born in a university setting.
1996 Congress finally rewrote the 62-year-old law that had controlled - some say hamstrung - the network industry, Network World wrote at the time.
1995 The advent of Voice over IP changed the telecommunications landscape.
1995 The colorful battle between TCP/IP backers and SNA stalwarts.
1994 Secure e-commerce really took off after Netscape released its Navigator browser with SSL encryption in October.
1993 Marc Andreessen co-founded Netscape with Jim Clark in 1994 to market Andreessen's creation, the Netscape Navigator Web browser.
1990 John Morgridge took Cisco public.
1989 Tim Berners-Lee invented the hypertexted Web in 1989 while working as a software programmer at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory.
1988 In a move that would launch an entire industry of computer security products and malware, the first Internet worm was launched on Nov. 2, 1988 by Cornell student Robert Morris.
1986/87 IBM had a hit with ts Token-Ring LAN technology but it was short lived.
1986/87 The war of the PC worlds. The battle was on and would last seven years, as the PS/2 would disappear in 1994.
1986 Network World's prototype issue came out in January 1986 and has been the publication of record for the network industry ever since.