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Women's and Gender Studies

This guide will help you with your WGS research.

Feminist newsletters and magazines

Feminist newsletter and magazines are excellent sources for historical research and learning about current issues. 

Visit the 2nd floor, McWherter Library, to view the Herstory Microfilm Collection, which contains a variety of feminist newsletters, primarily from the early 1970s.  To find specific titles in the Herstory collection, check out the index to the collection on the 2nd floor Classified Index Shelves at call number HQ 1101 H47x.

Also see  Ms Magazineone of the first popular feminist magazines in the U.S.

In the 1990s, self-published, independent, feminist zines made a splash and are still being produced and disseminated online and at independent bookstores. See  Grrrl Zine Network  and Barnard's Zine Collection/Blog.