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Dual Enrollment

A guide to help you navigate the print and online resources available to you at McWherter Library.

Image attributed to Michael Mandiberg / CC BY-SA

NOTE: Do not use the search box on the top right of this page to search for articles on your topic. It does not link to database content, but rather just searches our collection of LibGuides. 

Background & Perspectives Databases

Periodical Databases

Search Tips

Choosing keywords will really help to narrow and broaden your search. Try to think outside of the box:

  • What are the main keywords (search terms) for your topic? (Note: Get rid of articles and unnecessary terms and pull out the essential terms)
  • What are synonyms for keywords that you could also use in your search? (Note: Begin to grow a bank of possible search terms!)
  • What broader concepts may your keywords fit under? (Note: Sometimes thinking broadly can help your search)

Watch the below video to see keyword development in action and then try it yourself!

Video courtesy of University Libraries, University of North Carolina Greensboro