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Biological Sciences

Journals, databases, books, eBooks, and research for Biological Sciences at the University of Memphis.

Library of Congress Classification

The following are selections from the Library of Congress classificatiion for Biology.  The circulating collection can be found on the 4th Floor of McWherter Library.

QH301-705.5                         Biology (General)

QH359-425                                  Evolution

QH426-470                                  Genetics

QH540-549.5                               Ecology

QH573-671                                  Cytology

QH705-705.5                               Economic biology

QK1-989                                 Botany

QL1-991                                  Zoology

QP1-(981)                               Physiology

QP351-495                                   Neurophysiology and neuropsychology

QP501-801                                   Animal biochemistry

QR1-502                                 Microbiology

QR75-99.5                                   Bacteria

QR99.6-99.8                                Cyanobacteria

QR100-130                                  Microbial ecology

QR171                                          Microorganisms in the animal body

QR180-189.5                                Immunology

QR355-502                                   Virology

Key Reference Works in Biology

Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology & Evolution (e-book)      

Dictionary of Biology  (e-book)

Dictionary of Ecology & the Environment  GE10 D52 2001 (Reference)

Dictionary of Zoology QL9 .C66 2009 (Reference)

Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions  (e-book)

Encyclopedia of Geobiology (e-book)

Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology (e-book)

Handbook of Neurochemistry & Molecular Neurobiology (e-book)

Handbook of Research on Computational & Systems Biology

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology   (e-book)

Princeton Guide to Evolution  (e-book)

Stem Cells Handbook (e-book)

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Find Images

The Cell: An Image Library  Public repository of annotated images, videos and animations of cells from a variety of organisms.

Morphbank:Biological  Imaging  database of images of specimens from around the world.

Images from the History of Medicine  from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Wildlife & Wildlife Damage Photo Database  from International Center for Wildlife Damage Management.

National Tropical Botanical Gardens