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Thematic Studies

University College Thematic Studies research guide

How to Use This Guide

Welcome to Thematic Studies. 

·         Scholarly vs. Not-so-scholarly: (under 5mins)

·         Help Locating & Using Library Resources: (under 3 mins)

·         Help Finding Online Articles: (under 5 mins)

·         Help Finding Online Books: (3:00)

·         Help Finding What the University Libraries Owns: (~4mins)

  • The Govermnment Publications and Statistics page offers access to information published by the federal government.  The University of Memphis library is a regional government publications depository and thus houses all maps, charts, legal and legislative documents, etc., released by the Government Printing Office.  Click on URLs in the catalog record and for full-text access.
  • The Web Resources page gives links to some prominant agenices and websites in some of the fields you are researching. 
  • On the Writing Help page, you will find a PowerPoint on plagiarism avoidance, suggestions on ways to select a topic for your paper, citation help (particularly in APA style), and more. 
  • Some Sample Papers are also provided.

Good luck and have a wonderful semester!!