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UNIV 4995: Senior Project (Legacy Page)

Welcome to the UNIV 4995 Course Guide

Please read through each of the tabs in this guide to get a sense of the research resources available. Then, follow links to databases, the library catalog, or websites to find the materials you need.

  • The Govermnment Publications and Statistics page offers access to information published by the federal government.  The University of Memphis library is a regional government publications depository and thus houses all maps, charts, legal and legislative documents, etc., released by the Government Printing Office.  Click on URLs in the catalog record and for full-text access.
  • The Web Resources page gives links to some prominant agenices and websites in some of the fields you are researching. 
  • On the Writing Help page, you will find a PowerPoint on plagiarism avoidance, suggestions on ways to select a topic for your paper, citation help (particularly in APA style), and more. 
  • Some Sample Papers are also provided.

Good luck and have a wonderful semester!!

University College

University College students

The University College offers individualized and interdisciplinary degree programs. 

Students can pursue degrees that are not offered by other colleges on the University of Memphis campus. The college is multifaceted by offering 16 different concentrations in the undergraduate program and two concentrations in the graduate program.

  • Degrees are offered earning a Bachelor of Professional Studies or a Bachelor of Liberal Studies concentrations
  • Degrees are offered completely online with majors in Interdisciplinary Studies, Professional Studies, and a Master of Professional Studies.
  • Degrees can be tailored to one’s interests and needs: Design a degree.

Librarians for UNIV 4995

Need help?

Brigitte Billeaudeaux

Dr. Linde Brocato

Dr. Kenneth Haggerty

Maia Hajj

Caitlin Harrington

Ashley Roach-Freiman

Bess Robinson

James Rodgers

Perveen Rustomfram

Rachel Scott

Brannen Varner