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APA Guide

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APA Format by Source Type

 This is a guide and not meant to include every possible citation scenario. The format of a citation is dependent on the TYPE of source. This guide is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition and the numbers beside the source in the chart below correspond with the official APA Manual (e.g. Manual Section 7.02, citation example #18). 

NOTE: Professors or instructors sometimes make EXCEPTIONS to citation formats for a variety of reasons so please consult your syllabus, assignment, and/or instructor if you are not sure about assignment requirements.

 Entire Book, print version  7.02, #18

Kelly, P. & Marthaler, M.T. (2011). Nursing delegation, setting priorities, and making patient care assignments. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.


 Electronic Version of a  Print Book  7.02, #19

Brencick, J. M. & Webster, G.A. (2000). Philosophy of nursing:  A new vision of health care.  Retrieved from


 Chapter in a book 7.02,  #25

Hallam, J. (2005). Ethical lives in the early nineteenth century:  Nursing and a history of care. In B. Mortimer & S. McGann (Eds.), New directions in nursing history: International perspectives (pp. 22-37).  New York, NY:  Routledge.

Author of chapter. (year). Title of chapter. In Editor or Editor names (Eds.), Title of the book in italics (page range of chapter). Location: Publisher.


 Journal Article with a  DOI 7.01, #1

Pfister-Minogue, K. & Salveson, C. (2010).  Training and experience of public health nurses in using behavior change counseling. Public Health Nursing, 27(6), 544-551. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1446.2010.00884.x

Author. (Date). Title of article only first word capitalized. Journal Name in italics, Volume number(Issue number), page range. doi number.


 Journal Article without a  DOI 7.01, #3

Roots, A., Thomas, L., Jaye, P., & Birns, J. (2011). Simulation training for hyperacute stroke unit nurses. British Journal of Nursing, 20(21), 1352-1356. 

Note: To get the journal URL search for the journal title on the internet and copy/paste the correct web address.

 Magazine Article


Webber, R. (2012, February). Are you with the right mate? Psychology Today, 45(1), 56-65.

 Online Magazine Article

Seltzer, L.F. (2010, November). The psycho-logic of dreams: Pt. 1 of the "Logical Illogic" of the psycho-logical. Psychology Today. Retrieved from

Author, A. (year, month). Title of online article. Name of online magazine,Volume number(Issue number). Retrieved from magazine web address

Note:  Include volume and issue number, if available.

 Newspaper  Article

       Goff, S. (2011, Sep 17). A sound body and now a sound mind. The Washington Post, pp. D.2, D.1.

 Online Newspaper  Article

       Friedman, R.A. (2012, January 16). Depression defies the rush to find an evolutionary upside.The New York Times.                 Retrieved from

Other Sources

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