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Guide to the 3D Printing Lab at the University of Memphis


University of Memphis 3D Printer Lab

Welcome to the University of Memphis 3D Printer Lab Portal. This is the place you can visit to register a session with the printer, find out what other people are making, or ask questions about the facility.  You don't have to be an engineer to print in 3D. 


1. Attend a 3D Print Workshop @UofMLibraries

2. Schedule lab time (see Schedule tab)

3. Upload your file to be printed and fill out form (see 3D Job Form tab)*

* If you are printing files from the scanner these must be uploaded after scanning. If you would like scanning assitance, please indicate so in the notes field when you make your reservation. 

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Help From the Library

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Post Questions on the 3D Forum

Schedule the Lab

Reserving the 3D Lab

The 3D Lab may be scheduled up to 4 Hours per week by students at the University of Memphis

To Reserve a printer click on the "book now" button and select one of the two 3D printers (3D Lab or Learning Commons)

Book an appointment with University of Memphis
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Regular Semester Hours

The 3D Lab closes 1 hour before the library.
Appointments must end by that time.
For current library hours please visit http://memphis.edu/libraries/about/hours/index.php​

Appointments must be made at least 24 Hours in advance

Lab is available during Summer and Winter Break on limited schedule. Please contact the library for details.



The University of Memphis Libraries and Crews Center for Entrepreneurship are collaborating to expand the University 3D printing service.

Now advanced users will be able to reserve the new Makerbot Z18 for an entire day. The Z18 provides a larger service area while utilizing the same intuitive software used in the Library Technology Sandbox.

You will be able to print multiple jobs, or large jobs, without worrying about cancelation.

An advanced user is someone who has completed the 3D training and has used the 3D Lab in the Libraries Technology Sandbox at least twice. 



Lab content

Our Stuff:


The Makerbot Z18, available at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship

2 Makerbot 5th Generation Replicators



1 Makerbot Digitzer



Training and Instruction

In order to use the 3D Printers at U of M Libraries, you must attend a training course. You can sign up for the group workshops by clicking the "Book Now" Button and selecting a training time from the list of events located on the left side of the page. 

Sign up for a training session with University of Memphis
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Can't make a training session? Email us for a one-on-one session.


Register for the Workshops!

1-26-16  Tuesday       10am

2-01-16  Monday       11am

2-09-16  Tuesday       10am

2-12-16  Friday           3pm

2-25-16  Thursday      10am

3-16-16  Wednesday   2pm

3-28-16  Monday         3pm

4-05-16  Tuesday        9am

4-27-16  Wednesday   3pm


Questions regarding the lab?

Please go to the 3D Forum and post your questions

Lab Volunteers will try and answer as quickly as possible


Need Immediate Assistance? 

Call 901-678-2208