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ENGL 1020: English Composition 1020

This guide will help you devise a search strategy from a research question, find resources, and get through that big paper.

Research and Composition Go Together

Before You Visit

Before you visit McWherter Library for your library instruction session, work through this quick tutorial to develop keywords. Use the keywords you develop in our library session. (We promise it's useful and quick!)

plan your search effectively: strategize a plan

Tutorial 2: Search Strategies

Develop a game plan for getting started on your research project, isolate the keywords in your research question or topic, brainstorm more keywords by searching, and combine keywords using Boolean logic.

Open Research Sessions

flyer for research sessions.

Open to all English 1020 students (registration not required). Get research help for your draft and final argumentative papers from librarians. If you're just getting started or want expert, in-depth help, get help with your research here! You can also use this time as independent research time; even if you don't need help, come into the library's computer lab and get focused. You can ace this paper!